Natalie (robertpatricksite@gmail.com) from Belarus

Dear Robert!

Thank you for being who you are. You inspire so many people through your words and your films. I know you'll be getting many wishes from your fans all over the world and I hope mine gets through. Thank you for your kindness to your many fans!

I wish you incredible success, love, good, health, happiness and all the best! I hope all you wishes come true.

Because of your role as John Doggett, Ive met a great many wonderful fans I never would have known else. May the Robert-Patrick.WS continue to grow. Please just remember we love you!!!

Natalie, administrator of Robert-Patrick.WS

RUSSIAN FANS from Robert-Patrick.WS & TheX-Files.RU

We prepared a special gift for you from russian part of RPWS because we love you and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate your talent! Click to view large image!

Diane (Spiiritnthesky@aol.com) from Usa

Hey there, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Kenneth Johnson (Doppleganger19692@gmail.com) from USA

Wishing you all the best on your Birthday and all year long Patrick!

Sagitta (crystaltower.ru) from Russia


X-Files Projects (xfprojects@gmail.com) from USA/UK

From everyone here at XFP we want to wish you a very happy birthday!! Thank you for gracing us with your existence you handsome devil!! Have a fabulous day, and please accept our unwavering, undying love and all the happiest wishes as a very cerebral, metaphorical birthday present!!

With love and admiration,
Carlysle, Ozzie
and the XFP "interns"
(Lisa, Rob, Sara, and Nick)

Ilya (northwolf@tut.by) from Belarus


wangxiaoyu (wangxiaoyu2013131@163.com) from China

Happy birthday Mr Patrick,I like you so much! And I'd like to tell you that my new college life is great! Happy birthday to you again!

Stephen Washburn (Swashburs@verizon.net) from USA

Hay buddy Happy Birthday. Keep the rubber side down and see you at the next Rolling Thunder. Goofy

xiaobuding (bucea201301010104@gmail.com) from Beijing China

Happy happy birthday Robert! Wish you be happier, healthier, stronger and more successful! Best wishes from Beijing.

Irene (alterego_karmen@mail.ru) from Russia

Happy Birthday, Mr. Robert Patrick! We wish you more great roles! I'm happy that we have such an awesome and prolific actor like you. Even after so many years I'm still scared that the T-1000 will get John Connor

Conor Brosnahan (conorbrosnahan@gmail.com) from Ireland

Hey Rob!

Hope you have a fantastic day with your mates and family. All the best from Limerick, Ireland.

Regards, Conor.



Cory Robinson (Coryr65@gmail.com) from USA

Robert Patrick you are an excellent actor,and bring only the best what you can to the table! Keep it up!;)

Sincerely, Cory Robinson

Kimberli Spence (Kimberlispence@yahoo.com) from USA

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors! So love seeing him in all my favorites shows- True blood, SOA and more! You are an amazing guy and loved meeting you!!

Rachel Heeter (rachelheeter49@yahoo.com) from USA

Happy Birthday Robert! I hope you have a great one.

maina victor (mainavictor7@gmail.com) from kenya

Happy birthday Robert Patrick!!!

Drew Smith (dsmithy_85@hotmail.com) from Australia

Happy Birthday mate, hope you have a fantastic day! Thanks for being a fantastic role model and for being so hands on and interactive with all your fans. You are an inspiration. Drew

Amanda Endicott (amandalynnendicott@gmail.com) from USA

Happy Birthday Robert Patrick!! I hope you have a wonderful day.The first time I have ever see you on television was as Agent John Doggett. You soon after that became one of my favorite actors. You're also really sweet and made.my life when you replied to me on twitter lol. Thanks for being amazing and making everything you are in a whole lot better. I find my self watchings things I would never have seen before just because you're in it. Have a great birthday. I LOVE YOU!

Sheryl (msrccl@yahoo.com) from USA

OK, my birthday is 10/24, so I M older than you, but still a SCORPIO!!!!

You liked my "tweet: and that was great. I wish you all of the goodness, enjoyment, and "love" (seriously), you have given us.



Kerry Adams (kerryadams80@googlemail.com) from UK

Happy Birthday have a great day wish you all the best. X-files fan glad you came into the show very talent man. Also enjoyed you in The Heat that film is so funny. Thanks!

Kerry Adams, UK

Lia (liaxtiin@mail.com) from USA

I hope you have an amazing birthday! I hope it is filled with happiness and spent with friends and family.

Nadine (nadine2777@live.de) from Germany

Hey Robert,

wish you all the best at your special day! enjoy and have a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday from over the ocean :)

Daiana Alzuru (Daianaalzuru@gmail.com) from Venezuela

Happy B-Day!!!! Best wishes and I pray to God that he keeps blessing you and your family!!!

James Faia (tanman777@hotmail.com) from USA

I wish you the best on your 'B'Day!I am so thank full for the short time we hung out.Robert let me tell you trying to convince people that I knew you was a real challenge, God Bless. James, Faia

Julie (Julie.wardle@aol.co.uk) from England

Happy Birthday Robert!!!
Have An Awesome Day :)
All The Best For The Future!!
Love & Best Wishes

Agent Summer (agent.summer@yahoo.com) from USA

Happy birthday, Robert! Your work has inspired and entertained so many of us. Just seeing your name associated with a project tells me that I'll love it. Thank you for all your work!

Hessa (hessa_almannai1@hotmail.com) from Qatar

Happy birthday to my all time favourite actor, Robert Patrick! There's nothing quite like the happiness I get whenever you're on screen. You're a joy to watch and an idol to so many. Have a great birthday and wishing you many more to come! xxx


Here's a graphic I made for you. Enjoy!

Julius (jsarte17@gmail.com) from Philippines

Happy birthday Mr. Robert Patrick! I'm a huge fan from the Philippines and I have enjoyed all your work. You are an incredible actor and you bring a certain level of excellence in your craft. I am glad I saw Bridge to Terabithia as it was there that I got introduced to your awesomeness. I actually still go back to that scene in the woods when you were holding your som through his pain. It was one of my favorite movie moments. Thank you for all of the wntertainment you provide. And it is always great to knoq that you are also one of the nicest celebrities. I hope you continue to have more movies.

Sandy Bean (Bikergirl564@verizon.net) from USA

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and hope to see you in May in Washington, DC for Rolling Thunder!! (P.S I am the VP's wife) Love ya

Gaby (xcocofansforever@gmail.com) from Venezuela

Happy birthday Robert!!! :)

ivan (danilchenko.vania@yandex.ru) from Ukraine. Kiev

I congratulate you on your birthday!
A lot of people can with me say
That you are a very nice a great friend
Who is always ready to understand!
I wish you,too,such a faithful as you friend.
I wish to love stories have a happy end!
I wish to healthy and cheerful was your child
And to you this year fate smiled!

I hope you all managed to achive,
Life seemed so cheerful,
You want one
And after a lot zeros!

I wish that you had everything in life:
and a pleasant surprise!

Hessa Al-Mannai (hessa_almannai1@hotmail.com) from Qatar

Once again, happy birthday Robert! Here's another graphic I made. Thought I'd upload it here too. Have a good one. We love you! xxxx

Shannon Baldwin (shannon.dreams.big@gmail.com) from USA

Happy Birthday RP!! Thank you for being my fictional husband and for being one of the coolest dudes I've never met! ;) I hope your birthday is out of this world! :D

ATTILA KALMAR (attilakalmar77@yahoo.com) from USA


achi kawakami (ayao0616@gmail.com) from japan

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Happy Birthday,
may this day always be a special one to remember.
Here's to celebrating you!
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Karine Bonneau (spitfirebrad_6778@hotmail.com) from canada

Happy birthday from your #1 fan in Quebec !xx

Mary Jackson (mary_jackson2002@yahoo.com) from USA

Wishing you a Happy Birthday,Robert!!!

May all of your Birthday wishes come true! Have a great day!!!

Mary Jackson

Jenni (little.green.bug@gmail.com) from Finland

I want to wish you a wonderful birthday!

Olga (olgamur888@gmail.ru) from Russia

Dear Mr. Patrick! Your russian fans wish you happy birthday and a lot of positive emotions in your job and family life!

Lyudmila (a2062945@gmail.com) from Russia

Happy birthday, mr. Patrick! I wish good health and happines to You.

P.S. I'm sorry about my English.

vanesa cuenca (reedus.renner@gmail.com) from Argentina

happy birthday Robert!!!!!

I hope that you have a wonderful day, I hope you can come to Argentina at some point, one of my biggest dreams is know yourself, I love you so much!


Letitia Lemon (lemol001@bucksgfl.org.uk) from England

Happy birthday Robert, I hope you have a fantastic day! :)

Linda DeBoard (lindadeboard@ymail.com) from USA

Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays Robert! You're loved and adored by many not just because of your celebrity status, but because you're a truly beautiful human being! Taking the gifts God gave you and helping others in need. Thank you for the Twitter friendship that has been a gift to me. For all the smiles and days that have lifted me up more than you know! The attached photo will always be my favorite because you took the time to please this fan! And yup, I'd still kidnap you if it were legal! AKA....SweetNSassy

Kath Beck (kat4444au@yahoo.com) from Australia

Good Wishes from the land down under Robert. Wishing many more!

X-Philes from Robert-Patrick.WS

May the special day of yours be filled with loving memories full of fun and the company of good friends. Happy Birthday!

Patsy (tarathemis@cox.net) from USA

Happy birthday to my favorite actor. May you have a wonderful year!

Rita-chka (mari-mari12@i.ua) from Russia



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