TAFs Exclusive Interview with T-1000s Robert Patrick!

Author: Randy Jennings
Year: February 23, 2010
Russian Version

Patrick May Be Back for Terminator Sequels!

TheArnoldFans recently had a nice chat with everyone's favorite mimetic poly-alloy Terminator. Arnold Schwarzenegger's most deadly adversary of all his films would now face off against me, armed only with a tape recorder and a fanboy's wide smile on my face. Robert Patrick, no longer a skinny cop, is now a very muscular tough-looking biker. Still, his T-1000 intense eyes and perfectly deadly looks remain. What's worse, Robert nearly put me in a headlock and acted like he was going to sock me one.

Robert Patrick was stoked to meet the man behind TheArnoldFans and gave me a mighty greeting. He was not "too slow" on his high five as his massive Terminator strength slapped my sore hand.

Robert Patrick: Look who it is! Hey buddy, nice to meet you!

TheArnoldFans: My son, M. Winston Jennings, just turned one a few days ago - named after Stan Winston. What do you remember from the late, great Mr. WInston?

Robert MF Patrick: You know, I just went to Stan's funeral. It was about a year ago, I guess. It was very sad. I saw Jim (Cameron) at Stan's funeral. The funniest thing I can say about Stan is when I first met him. He introduced himself like this to me. (Patrick stands up and reinacts their meeting as if he's Winston and I'm the T-1000 on the first day on the set. He stands like Stan and extends his hand) He went, 'Robert Mother Fuckin Patrick!' and I was like, wow, okay, so I'm a mother fucker. (laughs) I never understood it, and every time after I first saw him he called me Robert Mother Fuckin Patrick.

TheArnoldFans: I know your friends with McG. He gave me the exclusive about you possibly playing a human scientist in T5.

Robert MF Patrick: I love McG.

TheArnoldFans: Well, William Wisher, co-writer of T1 and T2 has written treatments for T5 and T6 . Would you also consider staring in his scripts if it calls for your return?

Robert MF Patrick: (Nods his head yes) There's one thing I've learned in thirty years of this business, it's never say never. I will read them (the scripts) but yes, I love McG. I've done two movies with him...but God only knows which I might be in.

TheArnoldFans: We're going to Universal Studios tonight to see T2:3D...

Robert MF Patrick: T2-3D: a great, great attraction.

TheArnoldFans: When was the last time you saw it?

Robert MF Patrick: 1999? or no wait, I think it was 2003? I took my kids. They've never seen the movie, but I took them to that attraction...and the guys that showed that movie gave me the FILM! I have cans of the 3d film in my public storage. After awhile it would wear out a little, so they gave it to me. Hey, that's what I should do. I should cut out frames of that thing and sell them.

TheArnoldFans: What do you recall the most from T2:3D while filming?

Robert MF Patrick: Well, the fact that Terminator 2: Judgment Day was OVER so I started smoking. Then they asked me to do T2:3D and I was totally out of shape. They put me in the cop boots and they made me run more than they did in the fuckin' movie. I was totally wiped out.

TheArnoldFans: What film props or outfits, if any, did you manage to hold onto?

Robert MF Patrick: I got a chrome helmet signed by the T2 crew. What else did I get? I got a belt. I've got the T-1000's belt.

TheArnoldFans: What are you working on now?

Robert MF Patrick: I just finished a movie with Harry Lennix called Mr. Sophistication and I just did a movie with Hal Holbrook, Lance Henriksen, Robert Englund, Samantha Mathis, Christian Kane called Good Day For It. The last movie I got out was The Men Who Stare at Goats. Oh, and I'm going to do a movie called Fallout at the end of March.

TheArnoldFans: What's it like when you reunite with your Terminator cast members?

Robert MF Patrick: It's so great to see Linda. I haven't seen her in awhile and Eddie Furlong was my neighbor. We lived in the same neighborhood together. And seeing Kristanna Loken too. I mean, they're all great.




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